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I dare you to...



I might have something for you...

I can show you that you are unique.

If you know where your specific life force lies and what personal qualities you were born with, you can (finally) stop doing things that do not belong to you. Then you will get more out of your life and you will know better what your position is in relationships and work.

Most people do not know about their uniqueness and therefore try to conform to general standards. This often leads to great frustration because one is mainly confronted with what one cannot do. I focus on what someone can do, on what you are particularly good at.

I work with the Human Design System. This allows me to show you with which unique 'design' you were born and how this manifests in your life. I will also show you how you got off track and have undermined yourself, with all its consequences such as dissatisfaction, frustration, bitterness or disappointment.

A person is born with all 

    kinds of unique                                    characteristics.

Classic examples are

the line pattern of the iris,

        the shape of the  face 

                and the fingerprint. ​

                     But there's more!


Based on your exact time of birth, I will analyze your personal design. Looking back at certain events in your life, I can show you why those things happened. I will then provide you with practical tools that will help you move through life more easily in the future.

unique = different

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human design

Human Design

is a logical-empirical system

that describes mechanisms

on which people move through life.

It emphasizes how you were born,

but also explains how you became.

Being Unique

about me

My name is Els Willemse. I live in the Netherlands, Europe. I call myself a mentor, someone who uses her knowledge and experience to help others move forward.


After pre-university education, I studied Law and Dutch Language and Literature at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Later I also studied at Vogue Academy in the capital, expressing my creative talents.


I have more than 25 years of experience in management and board positions at a wide variety of larger and smaller organizations, both profit and not-for-profit. For 10 years I had my own design and consultancy firm in the field of corporate & visual identity, named SomethingELS.


From this broad background, I can be a sparring partner at any level on almost any subject.


It was back in 2011 when I was introduced to the Human Design System. Very soon I became intrigued by the accuracy and the results, and - again - I began  an in-depth study. First at the Deutschsprachige Human Design Schule, later at the International Human Design School (IHDS). ​

Even more important, however, was that I started with the most essential part of Human Design: following my personal Strategy and Authority. From that moment on I started to understand the world, others and myself better and better. And over the years my life became more relaxed.


In 2018 a practice emerged after being invited to share my insightful analyses  time and again. Everything I have ever learned, done and experienced gets together in my practice. ​

I am a listener with practical solutions. I have the ability to guide others into the future through logic, whereby I structure past events in an innovative and attractive way.


For those who are already familiar with Human Design: I am a Projector with the G-Center as my authority. Born in the Cross of Masks, I am ideally suited to 'unmask' collective and personal beliefs. I have a perfect sense of where I need to be and which questions are important.

mr.drs. Els Willemse

living as your self

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mentoring traject

I am a certified Human Design 'Living Your Design Guide'. I have developed an exclusive program in which I introduce you in a number of steps to all the important aspects of your specific Human Design. I teach you to understand, apply and embrace your Design. The most important thing I can give you is your specific way of decision-making. Big but also (seemingly) small decisions determine the course of your life.

You can find all kinds of things on the internet about the centers, gates and channels in your design, but to profit from Human Design you have to live it! Otherwise it remains just interesting knowledge.

Do you want to learn how to follow your personal Strategy and Authority? I can guide you in those first, so important months. This gives you a rock-solid foundation to continue on your own.

My sole purpose is that the quality of your existence improves through what I offer you. Your success is my success. However, remember: it is the start of a lifelong process!

The program consists of  5 monthly, individual sessions of 90 minutes, each followed by tailor-made exercises for the periods in between. A no-obligation (telephone) introduction always takes place beforehand to clarify mutual expectations.

Send me an email for more information about the content, price and location.

This also is

 The official Living Your Design course


- Especially for  you -

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