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As a tribute to SomethingELS and to everyone whom I had the honour to work with, this page offers a selection of projects established over the years. There were far more projects, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Not always did we have the chance to take good pictures and some assignments are just too private to showcase.

I was fortunate to work with many amazing clients, colleagues and suppliers, who had the courage to trust my concepts and direction. I thank you all.

After some ten years of passionate designwork I have decided to change my course... And so Something ELS has turned into Something NEW. After becoming specialized in the visual identity of companies I have now turned over to a kind of related niche, the identity of individual people. As from February 1st 2018, I offer my services under the new brand name Being Unique.

- Els Willemse

visual identity

Companies distinguish themselves from other players in the market by means of their corporate identity, which then needs to become visual.

An essential component of the brand image is the company’s interior design. The interior design is a form of communication that should not be underestimated. This can be readily appreciated in the case of a shop, bar or restaurant, but the office’s interior design also reflects the image of the company.

Something ELS has created interior design concepts that established a natural, yet emphatic relationship with the nature and identity of the clients company.

If the interior design matches the corporate identity, the company will attract the right customers and employees.

A new interior design is often an excellent means to initiate a change in corporate culture.